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December 2014 - Agrindmar opens satelite office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam under the direction of Mr. Le Phuoc Hai. Mr. Lu Phuoc Hai has a long experience with the trading of textile &  garment machinery as well as the import/export of seafood and agricultural supplies. Agrindmar is proud to welcome him onboard.

October 12th 2014 - Dick Kim is appointed Director of Pacific Rim Operations.

September 2014 - Agrindmar proposes Waste to Energy Technology to an Island Nation in the Pacific.

August  2014 - Agrindmar allies itself wth Indosaf who will be our Strategic partner in the Caribbean and South/Central America region. Indosaf is a very successful company based in Trinidad and has a 20 year history of supplying services and equipment in the Caribbean basin. 

June 9th 2014 - Agrindmar signs agreement with Marinetek of Finland to establish pontoon manufacture facilities in the Caribbean for its expanded territory which now includes the whole of the Caribbean basin and Bermuda.

April 25th-26th 2013 - Agrindmar hosts an Energy Development Summit meeting at the Downtown Club in Houston, Texas. Among the Attendees are representatives from RC Technical Welding & Fabrication Inc., Gryffin Partners and the Hilliard group.

​July 20th 2011 - Agrindmar forms strategic alliance with Zinntight to develop uses for its patented Concrete additive which greatly increases PSI Strength, Increases thermal insulation and . Uses under consideration include low cost, earthquake proof housing for Haiti and the underwater coating of floating Marina pontoons.

May 19th 2011 - Agrindmar Global LLC. incorporated in the State of Nevada.  Appointed Directors are: Robert Holloway, John Garnsey, Ronald Montano and Nigel Dixon.

April 2011 - Agrindmar starts research on the uses of 'New Generation' Chemicals such as a non caustic descaler which is a direct replacement for highly corrosive and dangerous to handle Hydrochloric acid. 

March 2011 - Agrindmar opens discussion with various groups involved in Earthquake aid to Haiti. Topics include low cost housing and containerized waste to energy plants.

December 2010 - Begin investigation into the uses of 'New Generation' boundary lubricants. Suggested uses include Wind Turbine Gearboxes.

November 2010 - Agrindmar tests Fuel Additive designed to decrease fuel usage and improve 'sooting' on voyage  from Ft.  Lauderdale to Trinidad.  Product proven!!

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