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Full-service, project delivery specialists — the OB Sadoo Team includes over 50 professionals and tradespeople engaged in being a highly efficient and absolutely reliable civil engineering contractor. For over 8 years, clients across St. Lucia have counted on the OB Sadoo Team to deliver successful projects and solutions. Our staff and associates include engineers, architects, surveyors, planners, designers, construction managers, and contracting professionals.

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Glass Blast Media is clean, environmentally responsible & reusable. Slag Based Blast Media is highly  toxic and banned in several jurisdictions.

Dynamis energy's proprietary technology for converting waste-to-energy represents an environmentally sound option that is superior to other alternative energy and waste removal processes. Their patented process reduces reliance on fossil fuels, decreases harmful emissions and their 3.0 technology can provide a system for nearly any type of solid waste disposal problem.  Waste is becoming one of the largest global sources of renewable energy making the combination of waste disposal and energy recovery a sustainable industry. 

Indosaf Equipment & Supplies Ltd. is a major Strategic Partner in the Caribbean & Latin America. Indosaf  is a supplier & solutions provider of Process, Industrial, Health, Safety and Environmental Equipment. They are a leading sales & service company with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provide a platform for delivering strong growth in today's rapidly changing environment. Their research and experience allows effective identification of products and services that are in demand in the region. A Garment Factory produces uniforms and protective equipment for the Military, Law Enforcement & Industry.

Marinetek is the World's leading supplier of floating pontoons and breakwaters to Marina Projects in all corners of the globe including the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai UAE and the Port Louis Marina Development in Grenada. Agrindmar has joined forces with Marinetek to develop Marina Projects in the entire Caribbean Basin as well as establishing local pontoon production facilities in this region.

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