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Yacht Construction, Refit & Management

The World's wealthiest people trust Agrindmar to provide excellent oversight in all aspects of their Yachting experience.

Agrindmar's personnel have been at the forefront of Yacht Design, Construction, Maintenance and Refurbishment. We will ensure that a busy executive gets to enjoy every minute aboard their Luxurious Floating Palaces.

Agrindmar can provide total management throughout a Yacht's construction, from the initial concept, to shipyard selection and through to Sea Trials.  We can also source and supply most of the necessary equipment and hardware.

Yacht Construction and Refurbishment is a task best left to the most experienced people.

Our involvement in Marina Construction will allow Agrindmar to establish world-class Yacht Maintenance facilities in the major yacht cruising areas, such as the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Most of the cutting edge technology involved in modern Yacht construction can also be utilized in the construction of vessel's for military use. Agrindmar is able to work directly with a country's Navy to establish the best way of fulfilling its needs for the future.