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Kent Johansson – Director Marina Development & Fabrication

Kent Johansson, a native of Sweden, is a valued addition to the Agrindmar team. He has been working at the executive level for many years in both the marine and advertising industries in Europe, the Caribbean and the USA. Kent originally graduated as a Teacher in 1982 and after a few years pursuing this career in Sweden, he switched to boatbuilding and formed an advertizing company for which he served the role of CFO. During this time he passed a Masters degree in financial control and CPA education. In 1990, taking time to pursue his Yachting interests, Kent worked as a charter yacht captain in the Caribbean for three years before settling in Trinidad to run a successful yacht repair business for a further six years. In 2000 Kent returned to Sweden and worked for Seaflex, a company that manufactures seabed anchoring systems for heavy floating objects and platforms. His primary responsibility at Seaflex was executive sales and financial management for the Scandinavian market. 2000-2009 After a few years, Kent moved his family to the US and opened an American branch of Seaflex until he joined the Marina building company, Marinetek in 2010 as CEO in charge of establishing their North American operation. Kent also has a very strong IT knowledge (network, servers, routers, data security user applications and security systems.



Agrindmar Global Group - Directors

Ronald Montano – Director Agrindmar Global.

Ron Montano is based in the Caribbean and USA, holds a BSc in International Business, with a background in Chemistry, from Boston University and an MBA from the University of Vermont. He is also an active pilot, a fully qualified Airline Captain, and flew with BWIA/CAL for almost 30 years. Other Aviation activities included Director of Operations for Constellation West Indian Airways. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of the West Indies, both in the field of Marketing and the application of CRM (aviation) methods to Business Management. He was a past CEO of the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Company Ltd., during the design, engineering and installation of the port and infrastructure. Ron was also a Director of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) of Trinidad and Tobago during the development of the Caroni Arena Dam and Distribution project. A passionate Sailor and Yachtsman, Ron has extensive offshore sailing experience which he has translated into the development of World class Marinas in the Caribbean region.  He was one of the founders of YSATT, The Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago which managed to grow the Chaguaramas yacht services industry to eventually cater to over 3,000 yachts per year with direct employment of over 1,000 people. In recent years, he has been active in Management Consulting and development activities in the Southern Caribbean, including early development of Mustique, and is a key member of the Agrindmar team introducing Renewable Energy solutions to St. Vincent and other Caribbean Nations.

Nigel Dixon – Director Agrindmar Global.

Nigel Dixon is based in Europe and has over thirty five years experience as a Marine Engineer specializing in Yacht Construction, Maintenance and Marina Support Services. During this time he has been involved in numerous ground breaking projects, including three years as a Construction Engineer on the Super Yacht ‘Adler’, a 140 foot, fifty knot jet boat that was built for a Swiss Industrialist. Utilizing cutting edge technology to minimize weight, increase horsepower and reduce hull drag, it was the largest, lightest and fastest water-jet powered yacht under conventional diesel power propulsion. In recent years, Nigel has been actively developing & marketing a new type of fuel purification systems with no moving parts or filter elements, environmentally friendly chemicals such as a non hazardous, Hydrochloric acid replacement, a totally integrated & self healing, fiber-optic network for the marine market, Hybrid Marine Propulsion Systems, a non-toxic blast media, a new generation of super lubricants, fuel additives that increase power and reduce emissions and concrete additives that allow concrete to adhere directly to foam or almost any other material. Nigel also specializes in procuring, designing and evaluating ‘environmentally responsible’ technology and manages the ‘Halo Products’ division of Agrindmar Global. Nigel has exhibited products and services at numerous International Boat Shows in the US, Europe & the Middle-East. Nigel has recently relocated from Europe to Mojave, California in order to participate in the private sector’s efforts to build sustainable space launch systems and to witness the new developments in Solar and Wind energy technology.

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