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Why it Works:
The specifi­c mode of action of the AIM Non -Toxic Rodent Eliminator and its inherent safety to non-rodents is based on a range of characteristics unique to rodents:

  • Rodents are opportunistic feeders and can consume up to 10% of their body weight.
  • Rodents cannot vomit or regurgitate.
  • Rodents have a unique digestive system in which the Caecum (sack between large and small intestine) plays an active role.

How it works:
AIM Non-Toxic Rodent Eliminator is consumed as a food source becoming part of a rodent’s natural eating habit. After ingestion, dehydration commences causing blood thickening & circulatory collapse. Rodents then become lethargic, retreat to their burrow, lapse into a coma and die. Because the dead Rodent is in a dehydrated (mummified) state, there is no odor of decomposition.

For most effective control the AIM Non-Toxic Rodent Eliminator must be the primary food source available to the rodent – following these simple rules will ensure success:

  • Clear away all other food sources from the area to be treated.
  • Bait all areas where rodent activity is seen, particularly along runs and around holes.
  • Keep bait dry as wetting may reduce effectiveness.
  • Continue to bait until rodent activity ceases.
  • Effective control is achieved with up to 40-60 grams or 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of product per rat and 10-15 grams or 1/3 or 1/2 ounce per mouse.

Rodent activity declines as death occurs within 4 to 7 days of regular feed intake – sightings reduce as rodents generally die in their burrow.
Fecal droppings become bleached in color & larger in size*.
An absence of smell from decomposition due to dehydration – similar to mummification.
No flies or maggots as the dehydration process eliminates the body fluids required for fly infestation.

*Change in color and size of the fecal pellets is an indicator of product acceptance and consumption and can be up to 3 times larger than pellets from non-treated rodents.

Features & Benefits:
No Risk to Children or Pets 
No Risk to Livestock or Birds
No Risk of either Primary or Secondary Poisoning - Bird of Prey Friendly
No Known Resistance
No Special Requirement for Transport, Handling, Storage or Disposal
No Risk of Contamination to Crops or Food
No Environmental Pollution - Fully Biodegradable
No Danger to Wildlife and Native Species.
No Smell of decomposition
No Fly or Maggot infestation.

Livestock Yards
Pig & Poultry Farms
Conventional & Organic Farming
Equestrian Centers
Game Farms
Forestry & Woodland Management
Food Processing, Packing & Storage Areas
Domestic, Industrial & Retail Premises
Secure Institutions
Parks & other Public Areas
Safe to use on and around Nature Trails

Sizes Available:  1 lb Containers, 25 lb pails, 50 lb bags & 100 lb drum

AIM Non Toxic Rodent Eliminator

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Complete dehydration ensures no odour or maggot infestation