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Agrindmar provides highly efficient Waste to Energy/ Waste Management systems for small or large capacity requirements. We can supply containerized units for sparsley populated areas or 30-2,000 tons per day fixed installations. The systems are designed to be scaleable and modular, allowing kit style systems to grow with the needs of an expanding community. The ability to install a system in a remote location and then expand it to grow with its surroundings allows small communities to grow in an environmentally responsible and affordable manner. Waste processed by our Dynamis Energy 3.0 System has the lowest environmental impact of any technology we are aware of.

Waste to Energy Benefits

  • No unpleasant odors because waste is not stored
  • Low noise levels
  • Modular units can grow in 20-250 increments as needed
  • Small physical size of plants require only 5-10 acres
  • The facility can be designed to blend in with the landscape
  • The plant will provide permanent and tempory employment during  construction and operation.
  • Provide a stimulas of economic growth around a new power source.
  • Provide a low cost solution to ever increasing Municipal, Industrila and Medical waste
  • Generate elecricity at a rate comparable to current techniques
  • Reduce dependency on more expensive or imported sources of energy
  • Use of residual ash in cement production
  • Collection and sale of recyclables.
  • Generation of income and tax revenues
  • Elimination of ground water contamination from tradfitional landfill use

Waste to Energy/ Waste Management

Historical Industry  Issues

The Industry has, historically speaking, defined most thermal treatments by the use of heat to treat Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) under the collective term "incineration" Such processes typically experience limited success in their applications, costs and benefits. These limitations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ​Significant costs to prepare waste streams
  • Limitations of waste stream acceptance
  • Low Fuel to Power ratios
  • High toxicity that requires substantial mitigation
  • Inflexible custom platforms that cannot grow with population

Bringing Solutions to your Issues

Using a state of the art waste to energy technology to convert waste to energy represents an environmentally sound option that is far superior to other methods of waste destruction and energy creation processes. This patented process and trade secret reduce reliance on fossil fuels, decrease harmful emissions and provide numerous immeasureable long term benefits, creating a new path towards a sustainable and cleaner World. The technology provides differentiation: No pre treatment of waste is required. No expensive emission handling equipment is required to meet regulations. Simple design, ease of construction and operation. Reliable low cost system with few moving parts.