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Agrindmar provides several types of Low Cost Housing which consider the specific needs of the target community, availability of raw materials, ease of construction and energy requirements.

Agrindmar is a leading provider of cutting-edge factory-prefabricated, quick installed, energy efficient residential and commercial building systems. Dedicated to building zero energy homes, we integrate green building materials and the latest green technologies to reduce a large proportion of carbon footprint. Compared to conventional concrete buildings, our buildings can save about 80% of total energy consumption. 

Our system transfers the majority of on-site work to the factory that prefabricates every part with line precision control of within 1mm, reducing up to 80% construction time, saving labor and cost. We provide a one-stop solution from design and manufacturing to on-site construction and renovation as well as renewable energy system installation.  It is our goal to build truly "zero energy buildings”. It is our mission to deliver green energy savings and provide low carbon environment living space to millions of households and make green life a reality.

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Standard Low Cost Housing as in the above presentation provides all the usual amenities required for a self contained residence, including Plumbing, Electrical and, in some designs, Solar Power.

Ultra Low Cost Shelter/Housing  provides for basic shelter using a ‘Village’ or ‘Pod’ concept where Basic Houses, with no amenities, are circled around a shared Village Center which is used for various activities including school, administration, church, laundry, communications, handicrafts etc.

The ‘Pod houses’ are made of Styrofoam coated with Zinntight enhanced cement which can be sprayed or troweled directly on to the foam (with no mesh interface), resulting in a very strong sandwich construction. A typical house can be constructed in about two hours (no plumbing, doors or windows).

Originally, this concept was developed for Haiti to provide for immediate shelter needs after the earthquake. The shared central building is more substantial and is typically Solar or Waste to Energy powered, and corporate or government sponsored.

Low Cost Housing