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Marinetek's reputation for excellence is unmatched with more than 2,000 successful projects in 35 countries. Some of these projects were extremely challenging, including Grand Harbour Marina on the archeologically sensitive island of Malta, the luxurious Porto Carras Marina in Greece, the floating Reposaari village in Finland and the most famous Anchor Marina in the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

We can provide everything necessary for your waterfront development, ensuring that your idea becomes a successful reality. Our numerous solutions include marinas for boats, landing stages, overpass bridges, service buildings, floating houses, swimming arenas, floating golf ranges, floating restaurants and terraces.

Agrindmar Global will help clients develop a complete marina concept from floating docks, floating breakwaters using Marinetek's technical expertise and product designs. Shoreside installations including fuel docks and boat repair facilities can be integrated into the design. Agrindmar Global will provide contractor oversight and manage the entire project from conception to completion.

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Modern marina designs now incorporate the proven superiority of Floating Dock and Breakwater Technology, a perfect solution for areas where water levels fluctuate and physical location or local planning restrictions negate the use of fixed piers and jetties. Marinetek Breakwaters have a 30% better wave attenuation than competitive systems & have significantly less environmental impact than fixed systems.

Marinetek Floating Docks & Breakwaters

Agrindmar Global is a proud partner of Marinetek of Finland for the development of marina projects in the Caribbean basin region and Bermuda.