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Agrindmar can supply project oversight and materials for all aspects of solar energy including installation and maintenence of Photo Volltaic Arrays and solar heating/cooling systems for Homes, Offices, Factories and Municipalities.

In the case of very large projects, Agrindmar will endeavor to establish local manufacturing facilities in order to lower transportation costs and provide local employment.

Agrindmar aims to involve the whole community in the benefits of establishing totally 'Green' energy producing sources. Everyone will be able to feel good about living in a community that is pollution free and with safe and reliable energy production capability.

Why use valuable electricity to heat water when most people live in areas where the climate is mild for most of the year. The same principle applies equally to the Heating and Cooling of our indoor air spaces.

Let Agrindmar show you alternatives way to conserve energy, lower bills and help to keep our planet clean.

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