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AIM 38 Max Flow 38 GPM/144 LPM

AIM 87 Max Flow 87 GPM/330 LPM

AIM 200 Max Flow 200 GPM/760 LPM

AIM 400 Max Flow 400 GPM/1520 LPM

AIM 11 Max Flow 11 GPM/42 LPM

AIM 2  Max Flow 2 GPM/7 LPM

Aim Fuel Purifiers

For many years, the proven technology of the AIM Fuel Purifier has been successfully utilized in the Transportation, Marine, Construction, Power Generation and the OIl & Gas Industries.

Unlike it's competitors, the Aim Fuel Purifier works without the use of a replaceable or cleanable filter elements, cartridge or bowl. It doesn't use magnets or chemicals and contains absolutely no moving parts.

Installing an AIM Purifier in your Fuel system, will finally give you the confidence that Engine shutdowns due to clogged fuel filters can truly become a bad experience of the past and that a superior quality fuel is constantly supplied to your engines and generators