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Agrindmar is committed to the implementation of renewable energy solutions. However, we are aware that the changeover, although inevitable in the long term, will take many years to become a reality. With so much time and financial resources vested in oil & gas exploration, Agrindmar can envision a gradual changeover to renewable energy sources financed by using technology to increase the efficiency and mitigate pollution of traditional crude oil based energy production and use this 20% increase in revenue to fund the gradual transition to totally green forms of power.

We advocate the use of technology's such as ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) Waste heat recovery from diesel/#6 electrical generators and the diffusing of LPG or Hydrogen Gas into the fuel/air stream to boost calorific value and lower emissions by providing more even combustion chamber burn temperatures.

Most of the harmful emmissions can be easily reduced by ensuring that a full burn takes place within an engine's combustion chamber. The two main ways this is achieved is through either a chemical additive or by diffusing a volatile gas such as LPG into the fuel stream.  Agrindmar embraces both technologies, markets a fuel additive, AIM Milagra and is actively engaged in current projects involving LPG and Hydrogen diffuser technology.

Greater fuel efficiency (15-20% savings) means that less Carbon based fuel is actually used and the subsequent diminishing of toxic emmissions directly helps the reduction of Greenhouse gas emmissions in the interim period before a eventual cut-over to non-polluting sources of energy. 

Time and time again, the Agrindmar development team has witnessed needlessly wasted resources in the developing world.  Where some see the eyesore of constantly smouldering pits of mixed household waste spreading toxic smoke over the surrounding land, Agrindmar sees a totaly unnecessary and polluting waste of valuable BTU's that could easily be used to produce electricity, clean water and process sewage or a mix of all three.

When we see mounds of used tires, so numerous that many tire dumps can be seen from space, we imagine a valuable resource that is only used as a mosquito breeding ground instead of providing cheap electricity or fuel to an impoverished nation.  The one thing that is common to all people of this planet, is that we all produce a huge amount of garbage and that disposing of this often overlooked resource is a constant problem and expense.