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2 Months with Powertite

2 Months without Powertite

In a recent experiment, it was shown that Powertite possess's remarkable anti-fouling properties. The two identical steel plates were suspended in a salt-water canal in South Florida for a period of 2 months.

Powertite applied to Polystrene forms


  • Water based
  • Odorless
  • Non-corrosive
  • solvent free
  • High perfomance adhesive qualities
  • Mechanical stability
  • Non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic
  • Heat and water resistant
  • Reduced chipping, cracking or shattering
  • Mix by hand or standard devices
  • 30 minute cure means adequate application time
  • After curing can be painted with water/rubber based paint

Powertite - Concrete and Paint Additive

Powertite is a provisionally patented additive for standard masonry and Stucco mixes that greatly enhances the covering with both water resistant qualities and additional strength.  It dramaticaly increases the adherence properties to many different surfaces such as wood, moisture barriers, styrofoam, galvanised metal and cement/concrete block without the use of a metal supporting mesh and it can be applied utilizing standard methods and tools.

Powertite is a two-part water based epoxy with a fire retardent and filler. It is a non-toxic additive for Stucco or other masonry mixes used in covering the surface of buildings and other structures. When added to a standard masonry mix, Powertite greatly increases the adherence properties and can be applied in an extremely thin or thick covering application. The Powertite coating can be troweled within thirty minutes of application to the desired texture which totally eliminates the 'Scratch Coating Process'. In addition, this additive makes the masonary mix water resistant and greatly increases its strength thereby reducing cracking and chipping issues. Since Powertite is water soluble, it may be mixed with other waterborne epoxy resin dispersions and additives. It is therefore, environmentally friendly and non-toxic in nature.

The two components are easily trnsported either in 55 Gallon drums or 5 Gallon pails at a weight of approx 9 pounds per Gallon and is not subject to special DOT regulations. The shelf life is  extensive, however, when mixed together, curing begins within 15-30 minutes depending on external temperature. Application in either freezing or extremely high temperatures should be avoided as with any epoxy mix. With specific gravity levels of 1.1, the additives are very stable under normal conditions. Being complety soluble in water, Zinntight require no exposure controls except those that are ordinarily required under normal conditions. No special clothing or precautionary measures are required except to avoid excessive skin exposure or splashing into the eyes. All masonary tools should be washed with water no longer than 30 minutes after applying the the covering as once cured, it is very difficult to remove.