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Agrindmar is uniquely placed to offer its clients true insider knowledge of all aspects of the international yachting industry with it's recent strategic alliance Marinetek of Finland, the world's premier supplier of floating docks and breakwaters, combined with an intimate knowledge of actual yacht production, maintenance and management procedures.

Agrindmar is one company that can offer a totally comprehensive overview of an industry that in 2014 is responsible for the construction of over 655 new yachts, whose total waterline length is equal to 17 miles if placed in a line bow to stern. All of these yachts will require berthing spaces in the traditional yacht cruising grounds and that is where our strategic alliance with Marinetek is so important.

Agrindmar will provide expertise in establishing viable Marina Construction projects and use its yachting connections to ensure that every new Marina is rapidly sold out and well managed.

Agrindmar will establish haul-out and maintenance facilities at all new marinas and provide fuel systems and environmentally safe yacht maintenance chemicals.