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Applications & Key Characteristics

  • Non-Butyl
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Solvent
  • Lifts Grease
  • Non-Emulsifying
  • USDA and FDA Compliant
  • Non D.O.T. Regulated
  • Produces a Thick Foam
  • Will not burn Skin, eyes or lungs

AIM Tank-Assure - Kills Bacteria growth & eliminates sludge buildup in fuel tanks.

What is it?

AIM Tank-Assure is a powerful, high detergent, industrial fuel line and tank cleaner.

How it works

AIM Tank-Assure employs unique chemistry taht penetrates and seperates hydrocarbon deposits from the free metal deposits and dissolves them both into a solution for easy flushing.

It was developed specifically for cleaning fuel lines and tanks. It will safeley breakdown Hard Humbug* deposits allowing metal particles to flow freely through the system and out of the tank during the cleaning process.


AIM Tank-Assure is a unique non-toxic formulation used as a direct replacement for conventional chemical solvents and acids.

It is readily biodegradable per OECD 301D and 40CFR996.3200, is non-toxic per 29CFR910.1200 and non D.O.T. regulated.

*Humbug is the industry name for Hydrocarbon Microorganism. Hard Humbug is one that contains metal deposits within the Humbug.


AIM Tank-Assure