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Ronald Montano – Director Agrindmar Global LLC.

Ron Montano is based in the Caribbean and USA, holds a BSc in International Business, with a background in Chemistry, from Boston University and an MBA from the University of Vermont. He is also an active pilot, a fully qualified Airline Captain, and flew with BWIA/CAL for almost 30 years. Other Aviation activities included Director of Operations for Constellation West Indian Airways. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of the West Indies, both in the field of Marketing and the application of CRM (aviation) methods to Business Management. He was a past CEO of the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Company Ltd., during the design, engineering and installation of the port and infrastructure. Ron was also a Director of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) of Trinidad and Tobago during the development of the Caroni Arena Dam and Distribution project. A passionate Sailor and Yachtsman, Ron has extensive offshore sailing experience which he has translated into the development of World class Marinas in the Caribbean region.  He was one of the founders of YSATT, The Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago which managed to grow the Chaguaramas yacht services industry to eventually cater to over 3,000 yachts per year with direct employment of over 1,000 people. In recent years, he has been active in Management Consulting and development activities in the Southern Caribbean, including early development of Mustique, and is a key member of the Agrindmar team introducing Renewable Energy solutions to St. Vincent and other Caribbean Nations.

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