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Nigel Dixon – Director Agrindmar Global LLC

Nigel Dixon has over thirty five years experience as a Marine Engineer specializing in Yacht Construction, Maintenance and Marina Support Services. During this time he has been involved in numerous ground breaking projects, including three years as a Construction Engineer on the Super Yacht ‘Adler’, a 140 foot, fifty knot jet boat that was built for a Swiss Industrialist. Utilizing cutting edge technology to minimize weight, increase horsepower and reduce hull drag, it was the largest, lightest and fastest water-jet powered yacht under conventional diesel power propulsion. In recent years, Nigel has been actively developing & marketing a new type of fuel purification systems with no moving parts or filter elements, environmentally friendly chemicals such as a non hazardous, Hydrochloric acid replacement, a totally integrated & self healing, fiber-optic network for the marine market, Hybrid Marine Propulsion Systems, a non-toxic blast media, a new generation of super lubricants, fuel additives that increase power and reduce emissions and concrete additives that allow concrete to adhere directly to foam or almost any other material. Nigel also specializes in procuring, designing and evaluating ‘environmentally responsible’ technology and manages the ‘Halo Products’ division of Agrindmar Global. Nigel has exhibited products and services at numerous International Boat Shows in the US, Europe & the Middle-East. 


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