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Land, Coastal & Subsea Stabilization Mats

Agrindmar has identified and selected a mat type stabilization system for Landslips, Erosion control, General drainage, Sea defenses and Subsea pipelines. Our chosen system provides a completely engineered solution which considers characteristics specific to each site. The mats are pumped on site which allows for rapid deployment and easy transport of components and there are several different types of mat specifically designed for use in different applications. An optimum solution requires the application of several Technical disciplines:

Hydraulics - Open channel hydraulics deals primarily with conveyance in the context of flood control. Design manuals are geared toward steady uniform flow. Natural streams have irregular flows with constantly changing cross sections and roughness or resistance to flow.

Hydrology - Surface water accumulation and runoff rates.

Fluvial Morphology - The development & evolution of river systems.

Civil Engineering - Civil aspects, such as soil stability.

Sedimentology - Sediment transport capacity of water.

All of these sciences contribute to a full understanding of the dynamics involved in the cause of the problem and an engineered solution that will permanently fix the problem. Agrindmar promotes the application of “Root Cause Design”  to your erosion and land stabilization issues.

  • Define the problem before you try to design the solution.
  • Analyze the contributing factors.
  • Understand both the hydraulics and the morphology for the specific site. The most common mistake made when addressing erosion problems is targeting remediation toward the damage that has been done rather than what caused that damage. Symptom rectification without addressing the cause is ineffective in the long term.
  • Each situation is different therefore each solution is unique.
  • A natural tendency is to generalize problems. However, few situations are exactly alike. Even when they appear to be similar, there are often subtle differences. Minor variations sometimes have significant impact on both the effectiveness and the longevity of a solution.

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