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Agrindmar Global provides environmentally responsible technologies and solutions that increase productivity and profitability, while complying with the most stringent ecological requirements.

We provide Services, Products, Systems and Hardware to the Energy, Industrial, Marine and Agricultural sectors, including Waste to Energy plants, Marinas and Energy Efficient Low Cost Housing.

Agrindmar Global and our affiliates, design and represent unique solutions through the use of new technologies, some of which were previously only available for special scientific and military use.

We manufacture and supply 'Smart' targeted chemicals, certified for direct discharge into the environment. These are direct 'drop in' replacements for commonly used hazardous Acids and Alkalis. Each product or system is uniquely designed and formulated for specific applications

Our 'Halo' products include non-hazardous Abrasives, Super Lubricants, Fuel Purifiers, Chicken Farm Odor Control etc.

Agricultural, Industrial, Marine & Energy Solutions